Lake Burley Griffin Quality Management Plan


The Lake Burley Griffin Water Quality Management Plan is prepared by the NCA to help manage lake water quality and to inform interested parties about matters affecting the quality of water in the lake.

This Plan will be used by the NCA, which has statutory responsibility for the Lake, to undertake specific management functions related to the protection of water quality.

The management objective is to protect the Lake as an important visual, recreational and environmental feature of the National Capital for current and future generations.

The Plan documents the current water quality status of the Lake, benchmark values for future monitoring, and management responses to address events that may affect water quality.

The Plan adopts the policies and directions of ANZECC/ARMCANZ Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (2000), prepared under the National Water Quality Management Strategy.

In June 2004, the first version of the Plan was published, following a consultation process involving a range of water quality professionals, government agencies and user groups. This process supported the need for continued water quality monitoring, robust water quality guidelines, additional scientific studies, and dissemination of information.

In 2010 and 2011 the Plan was reviewed by Central Queensland University to ensure the use of current data and compliance with current water quality guidelines and legislation.

This Plan includes an Explanatory Paper and a Management Response.

Note: A review of the water quality sampling and analysis program has resulted in minor amendments to the routine midstream sampling program; particularly to the sampling sites, timing and frequency. As these changes do not affect the substantive meaning and operation of the Plan, they will be incorporated into the next revision.

Monitoring of midstream sites will now be undertaken at three sites (LBG529, LBG504 and LBG507) in four months of the year (October, December, February, April).

An intensive program is scheduled at two sites (LBG529 and LBG504) every third year, and will be undertaken in 6 months of the year (October, December, February, March, April, July).

No changes have been made to the sampling program at designated recreational sites.

This change is effective from 31 August 2012.

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